Moment of Truth: Important Topics to Cover Before Popping the Questions

You and your beau have been together for a while now and things have been going well. It’s only natural to start thinking about the future and what the next steps will be for your relationship. Traditionally, the next step will be engagement! Getting engaged is extremely exciting, but it’s important to make sure you’re both on the same page for a lot of big ticket items. Today, we’re going over some of the hard hitting discussion points you should cover before committing to forever with your significant other.

Image Source: @livvylandblog

Image Source: @livvylandblog


This is a multi-faceted discussion. Are you a saver and they’re a spender? Do you like buying expensive things and they prefer the be more frugal? Do you have any debt they don’t know about? It’s totally okay to have different habits, but you should definitely be able to come up with a plan together for your financial future. This includes discussing topics like how you’ll handle your banking (separate accounts or joint), taxes, retirement accounts, other savings, big purchase spending, etc. Financial struggles and disagreements are one of the leading causes of divorce, so be proactive and make sure that you can agree on how you want to handle things in the future.

Image Source: Brides

Image Source: Brides

This also carries over into things like paying for the wedding. Will you be asking your families to help or will you be shouldering the expenses as a couple? How much are you willing to set as a budget? And, the dreaded question that has become quite taboo… a prenup. Do you need one? It’s sad to think about the potential ending of your marriage before it even begins, but depending on your situation, it may be something to consider, but definitely something that needs to be discussed.

Careers & Lifestyle

Now, if you’ve been going strong for a while, chances are your careers and lifestyle choices already mesh well. That being said, it’s always good to connect and review. Things like where you want to live, how much traveling you would like to do, if you’re interested in switching jobs or going back to school. Do you want to keep renting or is it time to start considering buying a home of your own? All these things are topics usually discussed while you’re in a relationship anyways, but it can’t hurt to re-visit them!

Image Source: Bored Panda

Image Source: Bored Panda


Do you want kids? Or maybe you want to adopt. Or maybe you just don’t see kids in your future. Whatever you see is totally fine, that’s your choice! But it’s only fair that your partner knows what you’re thinking, too. Timeframe is really important here, too. Maybe you’re not ready yet and want to freeze your eggs and focus on your career. Maybe you want to start a family right away. There’s no right or wrong answer as long as you’re on the same page.

Religion & Holidays

Your religious and spiritual beliefs are really important to discuss too. Not just on a compatibility level, but also for things like your wedding and future children. It’s important to be open about whether or not you want to get married in a church, or by a minister versus a justice of the peace. It’s also a good idea to talk about how you want to raise any potential children, whether you have different views on religion or the same.

Image Source: Snippet and Ink

Image Source: Snippet and Ink

Holidays are also largely important to discuss. Do you go to church for the major holidays? What are your family traditions? Splitting up holidays between families can be an extremely stressful and difficult process. It seems like there’s always going to be at least one person who isn’t happy with your decisions. Before bringing other people into the discussion, sit down just the two of you and figure out what is most important to each of you. After you have a better grasp on that, feel out your families and see if they’re amenable with your plans and ideas.

Keep The Surprise: First Look Alternatives

Image Source: Wedding Forward

Image Source: Wedding Forward

We love the images captured during a couple’s first look on their wedding day! But, not everyone wants to ruin the surprise before the ceremony. After all, we also love seeing images of the emotion on a groom’s face when his bride walks down the aisle. But is there a happy medium? You betcha! Today, we’re going to look at our favorite first look alternatives to share a special moment without actually seeing each other before the ceremony.

First Touch

Without seeing each other, find a corridor where you can hold hands and exchange a few words with one another. This gives you the special moment of being able to connect and soothe your nerves before that big walk without breaking the superstition of seeing the bride in her dress! And, your photographer can still capture this sweet moment, which will make for some fun photos to look back on after the fact.

Image Source: The Knot

Image Source: The Knot

Note and Gift Exchange

Most couples choose to exchange notes and/or gifts on their wedding day. This can be combined with a first touch, or it can be a separate event. If you don’t want to risk sneaking a peek, have someone in the wedding party bring the gifts to each of you so that you aren’t in the same area. Share your sweet thoughts with your future spouse and give them some extra reassurance before you say “I do.”

Vow Exchange

Image Source: Wedding Forward

Image Source: Wedding Forward

Does the idea of writing your own vows to recite in front of everyone give you anxiety? We don’t blame you! Instead of throwing the idea out the window completely, consider writing your own personal vows to share with your fiance before the ceremony in private. We swoon just thinking about how romantic this is! What a special way to start the day off -- hearing just how much your person loves you.

Phone Call

If you’re the over-cautious type, opt for a first phone call instead of a first touch! There’s zero chance you’ll catch a glimpse, so no need to stress over that. The whole point of a “first” anything with your future spouse before the ceremony is to connect and share a special, private moment together. A phone call can easily accomplish this!

Thanksgiving Wedding Inspiration Board


Combining the festivities? Thanksgiving and your wedding are both times to gather with those you love, so we see the appeal! For your special day, stick with warm, earthy tones. Think burnt oranges, warm yellow, deep red, and maybe even some dark forest green for a pop. Stick with the holiday favorites, or Thanksgiving-inspired food for your main meal! As Thanksgiving is a time to be with family, consider serving your meal just like that -- family style at one big table where everyone can interact. For dessert, try something nontraditional and enjoy a delicious pie bar! You can have a variety of flavors for your guests to choose from, or even opt for a whole bunch on personal sized pies. Whatever you choose, we hope you have a wonderful, special day surrounded by those who mean most to you!

The Ring Boxes

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Deciding on a Wedding Website

Having a personalized website for your special day is a great way to share your love story, organize wedding details, and display information and pictures for your guests. One difficult decision is deciding which website you would like to use in order to display and organize your dream wedding day! After viewing numerous wedding websites, we have come up with our top 3 picks to make that decision for you a little easier! 

Appy Couple is great for those who need everything all in one spot! From tracking your guest list to allowing guests to RSVP right on the website, it is perfect for those who like everything organized. In addition, guests are able to upload photos during and after the wedding to share with everyone! Appy Couple offers an app for your smartphone and any changes you make sync from the website directly to the app! Have fun choosing from 500+ creative and fun designs! 


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The Knot has everything you need at the tip of your fingers. From collecting menu selections from guests to sharing fun and memorable photos throughout the evening, The Knot is great with organizing everything for you! In addition, all of your registry wish lists will be all in one place. With hundreds of fun designs, The Knot allows you to change or update your design at any time!

Our Favorite Wedding Books

You are engaged! Now what? As you will soon find out planning a wedding is mixture of excitement and stress. There are so many different details and moving pieces that even the most organized brides and grooms can begin to feel overwhelmed. We listen to our audience and try to help ease that strain, so here is our round up of our favorite planning books. These books contain the essential tools to help you navigate the planning process and get you to start checking things off your list!


A Practical Wedding Planner

We heart all things Meg Keene! A Practical Wedding Planner is filled with useful tips and advice but its interactive lists and graphs that we think will really help the reader hone in on what they really want on their big day! Step one? Create your wedding mission statement! How great is that?




Stuff Every Bride Should Know

This is for the on-the-go brides and grooms! This pocket sized book is brimming with checklists, logistics, budgets. From bachelorette parties to writing your own vows, Michelle Park Lazette has you covered!


Handmade Weddings

Logistics done? Now in need of personal details to set your day apart? Calling all crafty brides and grooms! Handmade Weddings is separated into six wedding themes: Retro Homespun, Girly Romantic, Happy Graphic, Organic Minimal, Modern Classic, & Found.

We love how each project comes with a listthe materials you'll need, the budget, and how long it will take to complete. 

We see a crafty weekends in your future!