Our Favorite Fall-Themed Favors Your Guests Are Sure to Love!

We love a bride who’s really dedicated to incorporating her chosen season into the wedding. One way to do that is with your guest favors. We love a great seasonal-themed favor! It really ties things together and adds to the overall feel of your event. Fall (and really winter too!) is the season where you start to break out all things cozy. For that reason, we love the idea of things like blankets or scarves, candles too! Blankets especially can be useful if you’re opting for an outdoor ceremony in the crisp fall air. We also never say no to an edible favor! Pretty much apple anything -- caramel apples, apple butter, apple ciders, cider donuts, etc. -- is usually a fall crowd pleaser. We also love things like honeys, maple syrup, or even a nice little olive oil set. Individual s’mores kits are fun, too! If you’re looking for something non-edible, customized coffee mugs are also a fun idea and token to send your guests home with. After all, who isn’t snuggling up with a nice warm mug of cocoa this time of year?

Bringing Your Personality Into Your Wedding Menu



Wedding food is not always the tastiest, but it doesn't have to be that way! Choosing your wedding menu can be a daunting task, and we understand you want your guests to be full and happy before jumping on the dance floor. To help you accomplish this, we are sharing ways in which you can put your personality into your wedding food. When your guests can connect the newlywed couple to your menu, they will be more likely to enjoy it and rock the electric slide. 


The laid back couple are the pair who would rather be hanging out at home, enjoying a beer, and grilling than trying the newest Mexican restaurant in the city. To help bring this personality into the menu, try serving finger foods, BBQ, and comfort foods. Even install a personal tap wall with the couple's favorite brews to share with guests!


For the couple that could dance all night long, serve food tapas or appetizer style. This way food can be eaten in quick courses or freely by guests when hungry. This is also a great way to showcase a wide variety of cuisine. Have an app station with fish, one with veggies, one that's Italian or Indian. There are endless food combinations and styles that fit with this menu design!


For the couple that loves dining out at five-star restaurants try a menu that comes in multiple courses with a refined taste. Look for a caterer who puts effort into every detail on every plate. Tailor the menu to one type of cuisine and focus on making every course more delicious than the next. Finish with individual desserts like crème brûlée or tiramisu, or serve everyone a slice of your wedding cake. 


For the couple that loves their Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A, consider using these companies to cater your dinner. Or consider having a pizza bar where guests can choose however many types of pizza they want! It may not be the fanciest dinner, but everyone will be sure to enjoy and it will be memorable. Your guests will love how true to yourself you are and who doesn't enjoy greasy fries with their open bar?

Get Trendy: Floral Groomswear

Bringing florals into your wedding can get pricey, but they really add a touch of whimsy and romance to your big day no matter the time of year. This spring, cut back on the fresh flowers and save some money by incorporating floral patterns into your wedding party’s attire! Dress your groom up with a skinny floral tie or a patterned dress shirt. We put together a list of the best ways to incorporate floral patterns into your groomsmen’s attire, but no matter how you do it, it can be an inexpensive way to add a pop of understated springtime elegance!

Image Source: June Bug Weddings

Image Source: June Bug Weddings


For a timeless approach, start with the tie! The options are endless, and there’s tons of inexpensive and unique ties available online that won’t break the bank. If your groom is feeling a little intimidated by the bright floral options, try out a subdued version, like this champagne one. It’s classic, but the pattern still adds a touch of elegance and makes the ensemble a lot more memorable. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, opt for a bold bowtie instead; we love this bright one from Etsy!

Image Source: Men's Suit Tips

Image Source: Men's Suit Tips

Pocket Square

To add a little more impact to your groom’s look, add a patterned pocket square! A floral handkerchief will photograph well, especially with a matching bowtie. Coordinating the two pieces will make a statement and really set your wedding party apart, so forget those boring solids and surprise your guests with something fun!

Image Source: London Bride

Image Source: London Bride

Dress Shirt

This one is for the boldest of the bold, the bravest of the brave. If your groom is daring, have him rock one of the newest wedding trends: a floral dress shirt. Against a solid jacket and tie, the floral print really pops, and the look can really tie the entire wedding party together. Less busy patterns are usually the best choice so they don’t overwhelm the look, but get as wild as you want, because this trend is only getting bigger. If you’re feeling confident enough to mix some patterns and get a really unique look, try incorporating a subtle floral print tie against a patterned shirt!

Image Source: Starlight Woods

Image Source: Starlight Woods

Subtle Accessories

If everything on this list is just a little too bold but you want to skip the old black and white tux, try incorporating some floral accessories that just hint at spring. Level up some classic cufflinks with adorable handmade ones from Etsy - these ones are to die for and super easy to rock. You could always try out some floral socks, too - they’re the perfect way to get any reluctant groom in on the trend!

Spring Wedding Color and Decor Trends



Gone are the days of rose gold accents. This wedding season, it’s all about mixing up the metals, incorporating jewel tones, and really ramping up the greenery. Copper is really having a moment this spring, despite it usually making an appearance in autumn weddings, and we’re loving it! One of our favorite decor trends is utilizing copper in your place settings and silverware, especially against an off-white or cream table cloth - the end result is gorgeous and timeless. Go to our Rustic Copper Story for more inspiration!





Brides that aren’t into metals or the rustic charm trend have been opting for a more modern take on their decor, and it’s something we’re seeing pop up time and time again this season. Acrylic pieces are taking over the wedding scene! Make a bold statement by ditching the traditional ceremony seating and go with acrylic chairs instead. The see-through effect will leave the entire ceremony space open and minimalist, and the clean backdrop will really let your decor and florals shine.



In terms of florals this season, they’re bigger than ever - it’s spring, after all! Brides are going with a more innovative approach to how they style their florals by choosing to use more vertical space. Think flower walls for the ceremony space and hanging arrangements in place of an over-the-top centerpiece. This allows for more space on the table to really play with your place settings, and it fills the room with springtime glam!

Another trend we’re obsessing over is the huge amount of greenery brides are incorporating in their big day. Instead of going with a condensed, colorful bouquet, get on trend with a cascading bouquet that incorporates tons of different greenery and pops of vibrant colors. Carry this same feel throughout your ceremony space and reception area for a chic and unique look! Greenery was Pantone's 2017 color of the year and it's impact is not slowing down yet!





Ditch the single-color focus for your wedding decor and go with a more unexpected (but still cohesive!) palette instead. Rich colors and hues against a lot of greenery may seem a little dark for spring, but keep the space open and airy with light, white elements and those acrylic pieces for a glamorous and elegant springtime look. Violets, maroons, and blues against creams, blush pinks, and dark greenery have created some beautiful venue spaces so far this spring!

Texture is also one of the biggest trends in 2018. Instead of going with the classic satin accents, bring in textures as rich as the colors that you’re using. Macarame is really popular in the wedding scene right now, be it for statement backdrops, table runners, or hanging decor. Add in some more unexpected textures like velvet for an expensive and sophisticated feel, but keep the heavier ones in lighter colors to keep that springtime feel!

Trend Alert: Spring Wedding Dresses

Wedding season is here and we are loving this year’s new bridal trends! Our top two picks? Long-sleeved gowns and bold, dark accents.

We absolutely adore a long-sleeved lace-y gown. We’ve seen deep v cuts, both in the front and the back, more modest necklines, and completely backless dresses and really love them all. A classic smooth long-sleeve dress is a beautiful option if you’re not as big of a fan of lace as we are! We love that long-sleeve gowns are sticking around all year round instead of just debuting for the fall and winter seasons. This beautiful style has a soft, timeless look to it that any bride can rock!

For those looking to make a bold statement, we’re seeing an increase in bold, black accents in a bride’s gown. While we weren’t sure how we felt about it at first, if done properly, we absolutely love this look as well! Whether it’s through subtle beading, tulle, ribbons, or even black lace, this look certainly steps out of the traditional box in a bold way. We’re excited to see what new ways brides will come up with to further incorporate this daring trend into their big days!

Trending Now: Extravagant Capes

It’s every bride’s struggle when picking a wedding gown - you want to look timeless and chic, but you don’t want to play it safe, either. 2018’s bridal fashion game has been out of this world so far, but our favorite trend is a simple add-on that can take your wedding day look to the next level: a cape!

And we’re not talking superhero capes, either. Beautiful beaded pieces have been trailing down runways and aisles this season and their impact is unmistakable. They’re effortless but elegant, perfect for an extra layer of coverage for a church ceremony or a little layer of warmth for an outdoor wedding on a chilly fall day. It’s a great way to add some variety to your look on your big day without ditching that expensive gown for a second reception dress! For a more casual look, a short, lace capelet adds a touch of whimsy and romance. Play with color and incorporate a gold or blush-toned piece! True, floor-length capes are also popping up all over the bridal scene in place of longer veils, and we love the dramatic statement that an intricately beaded one makes.

This high-fashion look doesn’t have to come with a couture price tag, either. Etsy offers tons of handmade capes and capelets at a fraction of the price. The one-of-a-kind beading will completely elevate your look, and you’ll be dazzling your guests without breaking the bank!

Summer Wedding Dress Trends


With a new season comes new wedding dress trends! This summer, ditch the sleeves and embrace fun textures as you prepare to walk down the aisle. Think warm weather, slight breeze blowing your dress in the wind, and a glowing sun as you pick out your dream summer wedding dress!





Finding a wedding dress with flirty hints of lace is perfect for summer! Whether you go sleeveless or strapless, the lace accents will be thin and airy for the warm summer heat.





Beat the heat during your big day with a wedding dress that isn’t full of puffy layers and extra weight. Wearing a dress with lighter material, such a chiffon or silk, will be beneficial in the warm weather.





Having a little extra skin showing is another great way to stay cool at your summer wedding. Pair that with a light material dress and you’ll be dancing the night away all while staying fresh and cool!

Top Wedding Color Palettes

Date picked. Venue booked. Now the design process begins! We suggest the first step to take is to determine the what your event's color palette will be. You will use these colors to make most of the decisions along the way but picking the palette isn't as easy as picking your favorite two colors. We are here to help!

Consult the Wheel!

No need for a degree in interior design or art, just follow the basic principles of color! Choose colors that are either have opposite attributes (warm and cool) or colors that are considered to be neighbors (share a primary color). We suggest going to your local hardware store and going through all the color paint chips. They are a great way to choose a color and once you have chosen you can take chips to keep to refer to during your design process and at your vendor meetings!

Set a Mood

Your color palette is the most important design decision you will make. You will use color to help set the mood for your wedding day. We suggest that you think about the day and how you want it to feel. This will help you determine which direction you are leaning towards, dark and dramatic or light and airy.



Look to Your Venue

Your venue will help you decide on a color palette. Are you getting married in a barn in the fall? Are you getting married in the middle of winter? Let your venue speak to you! Instead of working to transform the space, use the space to bring your vision to life. Be sure that you choose colors that work with the different locations of your day.

Greenery is the color of the year for 2017! Mix it with taupe, grey and cream, you have the trendy minimalist design. Beautiful, simple and elegant.

One of our favorite combinations! Mixing soft peach tones with pale greens and blues creates a color palette that is sophisticated and works well in any season.

Look to the earth for your inspiration. Combining shades of blue and taupes with greenery accents, creates a vibe that is serene and stylish.

Need more inspiration? See below for the Pantone color trends for Spring 2017!

Wedding Trends of 2017


We are counting down the days to the start of the 2017 wedding season! Have you begun designing your big day? We want to help jump start your planning process with our top 4 picks of 2017 wedding trends. 

Want to impress your guests? Dazzle them with something extra in the sky! Aerial decor is one of the newest and biggest trends of 2017. Couples are adding this extra detail to really top off (pun intended!) their big day's design.  So whether you want a floral chandelier or have edison bulbs hanging over your reception tables, there is an aerial concept for every type of style.  

Yay for metallics! We love that this trend shines on in 2017! Metallic shades of copper, rose gold and pewter continue to be mixed into wedding designs. As with most design elements, you need to find a balance so that your full concept is at it's best. We like a design that mixes metallic accents with softer color palettes, like blush tones and ivory. 


Who doesn't love flowers! Floral design has become one of the more important details of wedding design and we are loving the trend. Long gone are the days where roses took center stage! Think soft-petal blooms! Peonies, dahlias, Japanese ranunculus are in high demand not just for the bridal party flowers but statement pieces on your bar, incorporated into your ceremony and anywhere you need that extra wow factor. These beautiful blooms add romance to your big day's style. 

For years brides were sticking with soft palettes of blushes, creams and taupes. Now we are moving into the trend of color; bright, bold and exciting color. Wedding design is heading to make strong statements and bride's first entry into big design is through the use of color. Its a great way to add warmth to a large space or showcase your personal style on your wedding day. 

2017 Bridal Trends

The 2017 runways have spoken! We wanted to share with you our top picks for trends from the runway that you can incorporate into your wedding day style and beyond!

Depending on your style, a veil might not be for you. A great alternative to help create an ethereal look is to wear a bridal cape or capelet! The cape has been trending for a few years and we think its a trend that is not going away anytime soon. Incorporating a cape into your big day's attire is a great way to give a way to switch up your dress; where the cape for your ceremony and then take it off for the dance party reception!

Cape styles are versatile, so there is a cape for every season and every dress style. Time to glam it up!

Top Left: Photo Jose Villa  Dress Lihi Hod | Top Right: Alberta Ferreti | Bottom Left: Temperley via One Day Fab | Bottom Right: David's Bridal

Who doesn't want their wedding day to be dripping in flowers! So why not have botanical design elements incorporated into your dress. Leaves and blooms and vines, on my! We love this trend for the bride that wants her day's look to feel romantic but have a modern flare.

Top Left: Tara Lynn Lawton Photography | Top Right: BHLDN | Bottom Left: Claire Pettibone | Bottom Right: David's Bridal

The metallic trend has been one of our favorites for awhile and from the looks of the 2017 runways it continues to be everyone's favorite. Who doesn't want a little extra sparkle on their big day! From gold to silver to champagne, there is a metallic to fit every style, every bride and every wedding day's design.

Top Left: Maggie Sottero | Top Right: Erica Velasco Photographers Dress Truvelle | Bottom Left: Maggie Sottero | Bottom Right: Photo: Sophie Epton Dress: Alon Livine 

Looking for a fun style? Ruffles bring that unexpected surprise to a dress design. You can go full ruffle for dramatic effect, or have a little ruffle add flare to your style. Ruffles are a great way to add dimension to your hips (if you need it!). We love ruffles for brides who want to add a sense of whimsical and fun to their big day's style.

Top Left: Allure Bridal | Top Right: Persy | Bottom Left: David's Bridal | Bottom Right: David's Bridal

2016 wedding trends

Shimmering fabrics, teacup gowns, and 3D florals.


Mira Zwillinger’s 2016 collection covers all the bases – beautifully cut fabric florals, bright glimmering lace, chiffon and silks and knee-length dresses.


Monique Lhuillier’s newest 2016 collection also offers stunning inspiration for gowns as well. Full-length ball gowns are a hot trend. Going for a fairy tail wedding dress? Now is your time!

Go for the gold!

Make your wedding invites POP with a bold metallic – silver, gold, gunmetal or bronze! You can use foiled paper for invites or stamp using metallic ink.

Image courtesy of:  Bridal Musings

Image courtesy of: Bridal Musings


Make it unique. Be different!

Image courtesy of:  style me pretty

Image courtesy of: style me pretty

Take the time to make your invites/save the dates something special and unique. Don’t just capture the essence of your wedding, incorporate the story of the couple to-be!

Image courtesy of:  Wedding Paper Divas

Image courtesy of: Wedding Paper Divas


Fancy lighting and dreamy décor.

Metallics can also be incorporated into your décor. Silver vases, sparkling fabrics, gold accents – the possibilities are endless. The great thing about metallic is that it can accent any color! Adding whimsical lighting can also transform a late-day or indoor wedding into a total dream land.

Images courtesy of:  Modwedding

Images courtesy of: Modwedding

Keep it simple – keep it fresh


Get your wedding flowers straight from your own garden! This trend is perfect for our everyday girls. Why not grow your own? It’s affordable, and you have total control over your blooms.

Image courtesy of:  Inspire Styling

Image courtesy of: Inspire Styling

Image courtesy of:  Love My Dress

Image courtesy of: Love My Dress


Not to mention this idea is very eco-friendly. Wild flowers are extremely easy to grow and can add amazing color to your wedding.

Eat well, enjoy a drink and have fun!

Image courtesy of:  Bridal Musings

Image courtesy of: Bridal Musings


Beer bars! Self-serve taps of the bride and groom’s favorite beers can be a fun way to maneuver the wedding bar scene.

Get creative with your seating to keep your guests intrigued!

Image courtesy of:  The Knot

Image courtesy of: The Knot

Image courtesy of:  Style Me Pretty

Image courtesy of: Style Me Pretty

Check out more ideas in our House of Cards post, or go shopping in our Paper Goods Shoppe!

Get naked! Well your wedding cake that is… Less is more in the cake-trend world. Spare the icing and indulge in fresh fruit.

Image courtesy of:  Whimsical Wonderland Weddings
Image courtesy of:  Deer Pearl Flowers

Image courtesy of: Deer Pearl Flowers

Let the 2016 games begin!

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

Are you getting the winter blues? PV is here to brighten and inspire you to find beauty during the cold and bleak time of year in New England. The beauty behind these rustic reds and frosted plums fill the winter scene. Fur and feathers are easily partnered with the colors of the season to add a chic and dramatic flare. 

Pop of Pink!

We can't even articulate how excited we are to be featured on Wedding Chicks! Dream come true!

Here are our favorites and a slideshow of all the pictures taken at this fun and fabulous photoshoot. Start pinning!


In true Parsimony Vintage fashion, here are some tips on how to capture this look yourself! 

For this look we chose a girly #swoonworthy color palette of pinks and purples. A great way to bring in some style to your reception venue is opting for a color linen. Having a base of color really brightens a room and helps create a mood. And as with most things we love, your wallet won't take a hit! Most standard rental companies will provide a solid color linen for about 2.00 more than a white or cream rental. A lot of style for a great price!

Add paper details! Bring personality and detail to your reception by adding custom paper products. Custom doesn't always need to mean expensive. Can't afford to have a custom menu card at each place setting? Why not opt to have just one or two in stands at each table? Add beautifully designed table number for an extra element of style. These simple additions range from 1.00 to 3.00 a print, so your dollar delivers a lot of style. Be sure to check out Parsimony Vintage's Paper Goods Shoppe and buy your paper details today!

Is your favorite flower peony? Yup, ours too. Depending on the season, some blooms will be more expensive depending on how far your floral provider has to go to get the out of season blooms. Don't be discouraged! Try having your florist incorporate some silk flowers into your bouquet or centerpieces. This is a great way to incorporate your favorite flowers without having to go over budget, or skimp on other important elements of your day. Best part is that you can collect any silk flowers that were used during your big day and make an arrangement that you can appreciate in your home everyday. Waste not, want not, we always say! 

Pop of Pink is a young, fresh and fun concept, so go to town pinning and get one step closer to your big day's style.



To celebrate this publication we are taking 30% of the Pop of Pink paper goods suite! Just use coupon code WEDDINGCHICKS2016. 














Behind the Scenes from PV's 2016 Photoshoot!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.04.27 PM.png

The Art of the Behind the Scenes Selfie!

We had an amazing 2016 photoshoot. We can't wait to share all of our looks and ideas with you! From Farm Luxe to Geometric Black & Gold, our color stories will provide inspiration to every type of bride and hostess! Coming this fall to the blog.


Parsimony Vintage Team


Special Thanks to our contributing vendors!

Photography: Photography by Carlin

Bridal Gowns: Bridal Heirlooms and Pearl Bridal Boutique

Flowers and Floral Crowns for Farm Luxe, Pop of Peony and Enchanted Forest: The Tangled Grapevine

All other bouquets and floral concepts by Pamela McCullough, Parsimony Vintage, Creative Design Coordinator

Hair: Jaclyn Lopes Morin

Makeup: Aly Terlik

Cakes: Pete's Sweets 

Jewelry: Don Muller Gallery  

Art and Invite Designs: David Buscemi, Art Director, Parsimony Vintage

Rentals: Jerome's Party Plus

And a special thanks to Adam and Andy @ The Gentleman's Farm for hosting us!