Happy New Year... Let's Get Married!

Happy New Year’s Eve! We love celebrating New Year’s and all that it entails and represents. The idea of giving yourself a fresh start, new goals, a new attitude, etc. is amazing and we fully endorse it! Along with that, we love the idea of combining New Year’s with a wedding! Of all the holidays to combine your nuptials with, NYE seems like the most perfect choice. Why not start a new year with a new name and a new level of your relationship? And talk about one heck of a party! With that in mind, we’re sharing some of our favorite inspiration for a NYE wedding! Think old Hollywood glamour -- lots of bling and sparkle, champagne, sparklers, confetti, horns -- the whole nine yards. For colors, stick with metallics and a neutral palette -- blacks and whites with gold and silver. Dance the night away and kiss that new spouse of yours at midnight. Happy New Year!

Turn Your Event into the Perfect Winter Wonderland with These 5 Elements

Image Source: Coppola Creative

Image Source: Coppola Creative

With January at its end, many people start to transition into Valentine’s Day and the warmer spring holidays. While we love a good Galentine’s day or spring brunch, we’re still very much in the winter season, too! To embrace the season for all its beauty, today we’re sharing the top elements every winter event should include to truly create the perfect magical winter wonderland.

DIY Crystal Branches

Incorporating some crystal branches gives that cool, icy look and feel to your event. This simple DIY is cost effective and has a beautiful end result that will make a big impact in your decor. Bunch a handful of branches together, or opt to mix them in with other florals for an arrangement with more variety.

Evergreen Greenery

The holiday season may be behind us, but evergreens certainly are not! We love ourselves some good evergreen. The deep, rich hues of green add a stunning pop of color to your table and decor. Consider incorporating a greenery table runner to create a wow moment for your guests. Tie in the rest of the event with additional accents of greenery on your dessert table.

Cool, Neutral Colors

Winter is a time of cool neutrals. While looking outside can sometimes seem dreary, there’s a certain beauty to this type of color pattern if you play your cards right! Think cool, light blues, light greys, whites, maybe even some purple undertones. With this light and bright neutral color scheme, your evergreens will pop that much more!

Frosted Glass and Shining Silver

For your winter wonderland, stick with clear and/or frosted glass accents. Frosted glass ties in the snow from outdoors while giving a classy yet whimsical feel to the decor. Sticking with the cool and neutral color scheme, opt for silver tones and flatware versus a gold option. This can be incorporated through tealight votives, chargers, or even larger decor pieces like silver deer or candle sticks.

Natural, Outdoor Accents

This is where you can really customize your decor to match the feel you want your event to have. We love the incorporation of frosted pine cones, birch branches, and even wood slab chargers at each setting. These natural elements will help to tie in your evergreens to create an overall cohesive theme that is sure to wow your guests!

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

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There are endless ways to capture winter and the holidays on your big day. To help you get inspired for your winter wedding, we’ve come up with a variety of winter themed wedding details! This season is all about greenery, dark red accents, and whimsical decor. So, if your wedding is Christmas themed, play up the green and red color palette. If it’s a winter wonderland theme, add more lights and faux snow elements! There is no shortage of winter elements to brighten your special day!

Pros and Cons for Each Season

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is of course setting a date! Do you want to get married surrounded by a soft sheet of snow, or maybe sinking your toes in the sand on the beach? Whichever season you’re leaning towards to celebrate your big day, be sure to know some pros and cons of each.


  • Romantic

There’s nothing more romantic than a cozy atmosphere surrounded by a fresh sheet of snow, a fireplace, and your loved ones in the winter months!

  • Discounts

Since winter is considered the slow season for weddings, you have a better chance of finding discounts on venues!

  • Comfort foods

You get to have all the fun in creating your menu filled with comfort foods to keep your guests toasty warm!


  • Weather

With winter comes snow, and unpredictable snow storms could prevent guests from being able to attend.

  •  Holidays

People are saving money for the countless winter holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and Valentine’s Day.


  • Natural Beauty

Flowers are blooming, trees are slowing getting back their greenery. Have fun matching your wedding colors with the natural colors of spring surrounding you!

  • Weather warming up

 Everyone loves when the weather starts to warm up, especially after a chilly winter season! It’s a great time to have an outdoor ceremony where guests won’t be too hot or too cold!


  • Peak Wedding Season

Spring time is a very popular season to get married. Venues may be booked, and it is hard to compete with others for that prime wedding date!

  • Allergies

 Spring is the peak season for allergies, which means itchy eyes and runny noses!

  • Rainy Season

 If you decided upon an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that April showers bring May flowers… and could potentially wash out your venue.


  • Option of an outdoor wedding

Long days, longer sunlight, and warm nights call for great outdoor weddings for you and your guests to enjoy!

  •  Themes are endless

Garden theme, rustic theme, beach theme, you name it, you got it! Aside from a wintery wedding, the themes that you can pull off are endless!


  • Heat

Although we can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive, there’s always the risk of getting married on the same day the weather is in the 90s. Be prepared to offer some shade for your guests!

  • Vacation Season

Another risk is having your wedding weekend land right in the middle of someone else’s vacation week. Summer is a very popular time for families to take vacations!


  • Reliable weather

Just like spring, the weather is not too hot and not too cold!

  • Foliage

Use nature to your advantage with decorations! Fall is the perfect season to save money in the decoration department since the foliage is as beautiful as it comes!


  • Tight finances

People are starting to save money for the upcoming holidays in the winter season, which means they are more likely to have a tight budget (and you also might be tight on your budget for the same reason)!

Winter Wedding Inspiration Board

Photo Credit:  Darren Roberts  

Photo Credit: Darren Roberts 

Baby it's cold outside! As the last leaves fall here in New England, Fall fades away and Winter is right around the corner. 

If you close your eyes and think of snow capped mountains when you think about your wedding day, than nothing is more romantic than a winter wedding.  Your surroundings covered in a blanket of snow, snuggling up by a fire and kissing under the mistletoe!

Whether you're planning a holiday-themed event filled with spruce pine, hot chocolate and wool wraps, or a winter wonderland gathering with frost covered details and sparkles, this season is bountiful with inspiration.

Get in the mood with our top picks for winter inspiration including colors, dresses, flowers and other fun winter ideas.