Labor Day Upscale BBQ


Labor Day celebrates the American labor movement and the achievements hard working Americans make towards the economic prosperity of the United States. Today, Labor Day is celebrated as a late-summer three day weekend--a deserved opportunity to take a break from your laborious day job. This year, celebrate those who work diligently by hosting an upscale Labor Day BBQ for your closest friends. Put your own creative twist on this basic entertaining guide we created for your fancy BBQ!


The most important aspects of any BBQ are the food and drinks. We suggest easily portable appetizers so you can munch while playing yard games. The main course should feature at least one grilled item (it’s a BBQ after all!) and a few bright sides. We recommend a lighter fare since the weather will be warm and you’ll want to save room for dessert. Dessert should be festive--think red, white, and blue! Adding berries to any dessert is a great way to incorporate the patriotic color scheme.

Drinks should be refreshing, fun, and pretty! Serve a signature red, white, and blue cocktail to celebrate the holiday along with other flavorful beverages. Be sure to garnish drinks with fruit, citrus, or herbs to add some pizzazz and elegance. Set up a small bar cart on the patio so guests can conveniently refresh their drinks or make another!


Your decor sets the mood for the entire BBQ, so make sure it stands out and pairs with your theme. For Labor Day, use a patriotic palette with bright yellow or orange accents.  Incorporate denim to represent the work attire of the laborers being honored. Remember: simple is elegant. Decorate the patio with garlands, and place flowers on tabletops. Run twinkle lights along railings and around the yard. Evenly space citronella candles, in decorative lanterns, around the main entertaining area to deter pesky bugs when the sun goes down.


Since this is an “upscale” BBQ, have some fun plating and decorating your dining/patio table for a sit-down meal. Use the patriotic color scheme with bright accents. Do not be afraid of mixing patterns; it adds texture and excitement! Stack plates to add dimension, and bring elegance with a floral centerpiece or table runner.



Keep your guests entertained with a variety of yard games. Take childhood games to the extreme by making them supersized. We love these giant Jenga and Connect 4 sets, and they are easy DIY projects! If everyone wants to get involved, set up a volleyball net or even play some wiffleball!


Need inspiration for the perfect outfit? As host, you need to be able to move about comfortably in the summer sun.  Pair a t-shirt or blouse with a high-waisted denim skirt, or wear a dress with a flowing skirt. If you prefer shorts, wear a pair with a fun bold print! Lean towards flat shoes or wedges--heels will get stuck in the grass.