Wedding Favors Your Guests Are Sure to Love

Choosing a wedding favor to give out to your lovely guests may seem a bit daunting. You already have the pressure of planning a wedding, but now you need to think of a sweet handout for every single attendee? It’s certainly a lot. But no worries, choosing a wedding favor doesn’t have to be that stressful! We’ve gathered a bunch of options for you to take inspiration from. The gifts can be as small or large as you wish them to be. Something small and easy like a little bag of your favorite candy along with a little bag of your partner’s favorite too, a small plant or succulent, or even a nip for everyone who’s of age! You can also do a handout that’s a little more personal, such as a soundtrack to your wedding, items personalized with the guest’s name, or even a funny guide on how to stay awake during a wedding ceremony. No matter what you choose to do, your guests will love it! Here’s some more inspiration for you to look at and help your creativity flow.