Turn Your Event into the Perfect Winter Wonderland with These 5 Elements

Image Source: Coppola Creative

Image Source: Coppola Creative

With January at its end, many people start to transition into Valentine’s Day and the warmer spring holidays. While we love a good Galentine’s day or spring brunch, we’re still very much in the winter season, too! To embrace the season for all its beauty, today we’re sharing the top elements every winter event should include to truly create the perfect magical winter wonderland.

DIY Crystal Branches

Incorporating some crystal branches gives that cool, icy look and feel to your event. This simple DIY is cost effective and has a beautiful end result that will make a big impact in your decor. Bunch a handful of branches together, or opt to mix them in with other florals for an arrangement with more variety.

Evergreen Greenery

The holiday season may be behind us, but evergreens certainly are not! We love ourselves some good evergreen. The deep, rich hues of green add a stunning pop of color to your table and decor. Consider incorporating a greenery table runner to create a wow moment for your guests. Tie in the rest of the event with additional accents of greenery on your dessert table.

Cool, Neutral Colors

Winter is a time of cool neutrals. While looking outside can sometimes seem dreary, there’s a certain beauty to this type of color pattern if you play your cards right! Think cool, light blues, light greys, whites, maybe even some purple undertones. With this light and bright neutral color scheme, your evergreens will pop that much more!

Frosted Glass and Shining Silver

For your winter wonderland, stick with clear and/or frosted glass accents. Frosted glass ties in the snow from outdoors while giving a classy yet whimsical feel to the decor. Sticking with the cool and neutral color scheme, opt for silver tones and flatware versus a gold option. This can be incorporated through tealight votives, chargers, or even larger decor pieces like silver deer or candle sticks.

Natural, Outdoor Accents

This is where you can really customize your decor to match the feel you want your event to have. We love the incorporation of frosted pine cones, birch branches, and even wood slab chargers at each setting. These natural elements will help to tie in your evergreens to create an overall cohesive theme that is sure to wow your guests!