Wedding Day Survival Kit Checklist


The last thing you want on your big day is to forget one of your most important items. Set yourself up for success by gathering everything the day before, or even earlier if possible so you can go out and purchase any last minute necessities. Not sure what should be included on your survival checklist? Here’s ours below!

  • Face wash
  • Face moisturizer
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Floss
  • Chap stick
  • Razor
  • Shaving Cream
  • Body lotion
  • Deodorant
  • All makeup (if doing own)
  • Makeup remover
  • Translucent powder
  • Makeup setting spray
  • All hair products and styling tools (if doing own)
  • Compact mirror
  • Tissues
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent (if outside)
  • Gum/Breath mints
  • Blotting papers

  • Eye drops
  • Contacts & solution (if applicable)
  • Glasses (if applicable)
  • Pain reliever
  • Antacid
  • Tampons
  • Band Aids
  • Water
  • Snack

  • Clear polish
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick/gloss
  • Hairspray
  • Tweezers
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair elastics
  • Cotton swabs
  • Super glue
  • Safety pins
  • Small sewing kit
  • Stain remover pen
  • Extra earring backs
  • Lint roller
  • Clear tape

Download a PDF of our list to take with you to your next wedding!

Wedding Guest Etiquette

You just received your first wedding invitation in the mail. Great! But now what? It truly is an honor to be invited to someone’s big day and with that honor comes some responsibility. While common courtesy still applies, there are some extra considerations to make for weddings in particular. We’re here to break down some of the big dos and don'ts of wedding etiquette.

After receiving your invitation, return your RSVP card at your earliest opportunity. This will help the bride and groom to get organized as quickly as possible. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to hound people down to determine if they’re coming or not.

image source: love and lavender

image source: love and lavender

After sending your RSVP, don’t expect to be able to change your response. If you RSVP and end up having an emergency, notify the couple as soon as possible. There are deadlines on when you have to pay for food and if they cannot get their money back, they’ll want to try to fill your seat with another guest. On the same note, under no circumstances is it acceptable to be a no-show with no response or show up to a wedding after sending a “no” for your RSVP.

Most people are familiar with the cliché “don’t wear white to a wedding.” It’s a cliché for a reason! Unless the dress code specifically calls for it, do not wear white to a wedding. If there is no dress code listed on an invitation, that does not mean that the dress code is open ended. Most of the time, an appropriate dress code can be determined based off of location or time of day. At a minimum, you should assume semi-formal attire. When in doubt, reach out to a friend you know who is also attending, or as a last resort, ask the bride’s opinion!

image source: the doodle coop

image source: the doodle coop

The big day is here and you’ve arrived at the wedding! Everything is gorgeous and your first thought is to grab your phone and start snapping photos and videos. Well, don’t! Snapping a few photos before the ceremony begins can be okay, but once things begin, be sure to silence and store your electronics and be present for the duration. Unless the couple has signage with their hashtag or something similar, avoid posting any photos of the ceremony and stick to only posting images from the reception.

image source: primitive weddings

image source: primitive weddings

Alcohol is a factor in most weddings. It’s extremely important to know your limits and to avoid causing a scene. Just because there is an open bar doesn’t mean that you should continue to drink endlessly all evening. Drink responsibly!


If you choose to attend a wedding, it is expected that you bring or send the couple a gift. There is a huge variety of options for any budget. Everything on their registry out of your budget? Opt for a gift card or cash with a small DIY to commemorate the day. Many couples are opting for alternative registries where guests can donate to their honeymoon fund or a charity instead of a physical gift, which gives you another great option!

Anne of Green Gables Wedding Inspiration

Did you read Anne of Green Gables growing up? It's one of our favorites and we are over the moon to share this book inspired wedding concept!  As we celebrate ,we couldn't be happier to meld our two favorite things: literature and weddings! In today’s beautifully styled shoot, Nick + Lauren Photography celebrated the story of Anne of Green Gables all the way down to the carrots.

Parsimony Inspired had the chance to ask Lauren of  Nick + Lauren Photography about their process and how Anne of Green Gables inspired them! "Storytelling has always been the root of my inspiration when it comes to photography. I love motivated and driven characters, interesting story lines, and beautifully written details that eloquently describe the scene at hand. Anne of Green Gables is a novel that has remained close to my heart ever since I was a child, so when it came to brainstorming a concept for our first ever styled shoot, I couldn't have thought of a more inspiring story to tell.  As the story of Anne of Green Gables is set in the turn of the 20th century, I thought it was only true to the piece to have vintage styled attire and decor to truly capture the essence of both Anne and Gilbert. A touch of whimsy, deep jewel colors, and the art of emotion helped to create the story of these two classic lovers."

Because when you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worth while.
— L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Photography: Nick and Lauren Photography
Flowers: Violets in Bloom
Styling and Stationary: Sassy a la mode
Hair and makeup: Erin Loffler at Atone Studios 
Furniture: Mimosas and Moonshine

Alexis and Lyle: The Perfect Rustic Wedding

The Perfect Rustic Wedding 

When a couple beams as bright as Alexis and Lyle did on their wedding, you are reminded how special a wedding is. Their day was filled with special moments and details. 

Alexis shared her wedding planning process and how it all came together.

Where did you get your inspiration for your wedding? I wanted something that represented my husband and I as a couple. We love the outdoors (you can often find us hiking, fishing, and camping) and simplicity. I was inspired by natural wood, burlap, twine, neutral colors, and antique bottles. I went to Pinterest for ideas and was blown away by the amount of DIY wedding projects.

What area of your wedding did the bulk of your budget go to? The bulk of our wedding budget went towards booking the venue. Feeding over 100 people is not cheap, plus you need to buy table cloths and chair covers for the entire dining area.

Was there any part of your wedding day that wasn’t worth the cost? Honestly, no. I actually have regrets about not hiring a videographer. I wish I spent the extra money to have our wedding captured on DVD.

Did you hire a wedding planner? If so, how did they help? I did not hire a wedding planner. I was planning a local wedding (Sturbridge, MA) and had a little over 100 guests so I did not think it was necessary. Plus, I liked handling all the fine details.

What is your best advice for future brides and grooms on their big day? My best advice would be: STAY CALM! There are hiccups during any event and you would be setting yourself up for disaster if you did not think this also applies to weddings. It's best to go into your wedding day feeling calm, ready to tackle any problem head on, and with a smile. Is it the end of the world if your DJ plays the wrong song or if your Uncle Freddy has a little too much whiskey and starts busting a move on the dance floor? No. It's these obstacles that make for incredibly memorable wedding stories.

What moment do you cherish the most about your wedding day? I cherished the first look photography session the most. To see how my husband looked at me was priceless and I wouldn't want anyone else stealing that moment from us. My husband was able to be emotionally open without people watching us and it made for a truly romantic photography session. It was also fun to twirl around and around in my dress without anyone telling me to stop! : )

Vendor List 

Photographer: Victoria Mello Photography
Location: The Publick House, Sturbridge, MA
DJ: Rocco Productions
Florist: Michele Bernard

The Perfect New England Fall Wedding

The Perfect New England Fall Wedding 


We are in L-O-V-E with Lindsay & Tyler's beautiful New England wedding. The perfection of this day is found in the elegance of this couple and their warm and inviting style. 

We were lucky enough ask Lindsay about her wedding planning process and how it all came together.




What area of your wedding did the bulk of your budget go to? Landscaping my parents yard and creating a large level space for the tent were definitely the most costly. (Is there an up-charge for wedding dirt?) My dress was a big ticket item and I probably spent more of the budget on flowers than most people do. I love love love flowers and my florist was wonderful. Annmary of Dandelions spent hours meeting with me and asking questions to ensure she understood exactly what I liked and was looking for.


Where did you get your inspiration for your wedding? We love living in New England and wanted to celebrate fall in New England. My aunts made pies and we served Vermont cheddar cheese from the Boston farmer's market. The wedding was at my parents' home in the hill towns. We embraced the firewood piles and my dad built a pallet bar for the reception along with a birch arch for the ceremony. Our guests "camped" at the AMC, and we gave them cider donuts, maple syrup from our favorite farm in Granville, and local honey from a beekeeper we met at the fair! We used family china I collected from our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. I didn't want my wedding to look like a Thanksgiving table so I used white pumpkins, peach flowers, gourds, blue hubbard squash, rust colored mums, sage colored succulents, herbs, eucalyptus, and gold stripes.

Did you hire a wedding planner? If so, how did they help? I hired Tanya Costigan Events for month of and day of service.  Her team was integral to day of set up. I had spent a year choosing the table settings and she made sure it was perfect on the wedding day. She also was a knowledgeable resource and suggested Classical Tents & Party Goods for rustic rentals.

What is your best advice for future brides and grooms on their big day? Include the traditions, moments, and decorations that are important or sound fun to you and skip what's not!

What moment do you cherish the most about your wedding day? The cocktail hour! (Ours was an hour and a half and we were there for every minute of it!) We did wedding party and first look photos ahead of time as suggested by Andrea York Photography and cocktail hour was the most unscripted and natural period of the day. We could start celebrating, visit with our friends and family, and enjoy drinks and our favorite band with our guests.

Registry Do's & Don'ts


How to Build a Registry!

As you saw in our post How to Decorate as a Couple, when you combine living spaces each partner brings their own style to your new home. The same approach applies to building the perfect registry! It's all about taking inventory of what you have and creating a wish list of items that represents both partners' style and needs. So creating a registry should be a team effort, so hit the stores together. 


Registries today are a fun and exciting experience. As the process of creating a registry has changed, so has what you fill it with. Don't feel like you need to have traditional items like sheets, china or flatware. Add things that will make you happy and that work for your lifestyle. Nothing worse then storing a bunch of registry boxes filled with items you will never use.

As we mentioned above, only add things that work for you. To be sure you ask for the right items, think about your home and your lifestyle. Are you an couple that likes to spend their time in nature, then registry for things you can enjoy outdoors! Are you a couple that spends their date nights staying in watching movies, then registry for a blue ray or a popcorn machine! Fill your registry with things that are useful but also enjoyable!

Register for items that have a wide range of price points! You need to be sure that your guests have the ability to choose things that work within their budget. We recommend to have a few high end gifts but make your registry well rounded with an array of gifts hitting a bunch of different price brackets; under $50.00, under $75.00 and under $100.00.

Each registry platform offers different gift ideas. Your traditional stores like a Target will have a little bit of everything but there are speciality registries that offer gift options like contributing to activities to do on your honeymoon etc. Just like you want to hit all the price points, be sure the registries that you pick have variety. Also be sure that at least one of them is a brick and mortar store so people have the option to buy your gifts in person.  We suggest that you have up to 3 registries that your guest can choose from.

Be sure to look for Registry Events!

Night at the Registry  hosted by Parsimony Inspired and Pottery Barn | Photo by  Melanie Zacek Photography

Night at the Registry hosted by Parsimony Inspired and Pottery Barn | Photo by Melanie Zacek Photography

Registry events are a great way to make it a night filled with filling up your registry and experiencing some great wedding vendors in your area. Sample delicious cake, meet photographers and get one on one help building your registry! Parsimony Inspired will be hosting one this spring so be sure to be on the look out!


Here are Our Top Registry Picks

Our Top Registries

You're engaged! Now what?

You're engaged! Now what?

Question popped.  They said yes! So exciting, congratulations! After you have stopped crying and called your mom, here are the first few things to jump start your wedding planning process.

Step One- Get the Word Out! 

In the era of social media, we think you should pause before making it Facebook official. This is such a big and personal moment of your life, we think it requires a real human connection to share it. So depending on who you want to tell and where they live, either pick up the phone, stop by for coffee or start your Skype video. These moments of real connection only add to the special feeling that the engagement brings. Once you have shared the news with all your close loved ones, time to start posting, Tweeting and Instagramming. 

Step Two- What season speaks to you?

Close your eyes and envision you and your partner on your wedding day. What do you see? Snow covered mountains? Crisp air and falling leaves? Sand under your feet? Or trees budding with the smell of dew in the air? This will let you know if you are a winter, fall, spring or summer couple. From experience, this is the easiest decision to make.  A lot of the time the season you pick will influence your design. Once you know your season, pick a date and start planning!

Step Three- Draft Your Guest List 

This daunting task rates as one of the hardest parts about planning a wedding. While a standard approach is to draft a budget and then a guest list, we like to switch it up. We find that couples have an easier time starting with their big wish list and then once a budget is established, whittling it down based on their established per person costs. It makes taking people off the list a little more logical than emotional. 

We suggest making a spreadsheet and have a tab for "A" and a tab for "B."  The "A" list should consist of close family members, close friends and any other must haves. The "B" list should consist of anyone that you would love to have there but don't have the budget for. 

Be strategic when sending out your invites! The standard is to mail out the invitations 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. We suggest mailing to your "A" list 10 weeks out. This will give you an extra two weeks to send out invitations to your "B" list as you receive regrets from the "A" list. Not everyone will be able to join, so if you stay on top of the RSVP list you will be able to supplement from your "B" list and end up having the exact guest list that you were hoping for!  

Step Four- Let's Talk Budget! 

Whether you want a lavish affair or an intimate backyard wedding, you need to have a budget that works for you and helps you make informed decisions as you go through the planning process.

The first step in budget planning is to have honest conversations with yourself, your partner and any family members that might be contributing to the wedding. We suggest talking with each family separately. This allows the conversation to be honest and private. If there are family members that are going to contribute, ask them to commit to a certain dollar amount so you know what you should be adding to your overall budget. 

As you will come to understand your budget is a fluid thing, you will adjust it as you go. For your reference here is a standard breakdown of how your budget should be allocated but make it work for you and your wants and needs

Reception: 48%-50%
Ceremony: 2%-3%
Attire: 8%-10%
Flowers: 8%-10%
Entertainment/Music: 8%-10%
Photography/Videography: 10%-12%
Stationery: 2%-3%
Wedding Rings: 2%-3%
Parking/Transportation: 2%-3%
Gifts: 2%-3%
Miscellaneous: 8%

With these first few steps you will be on your way to planning an amazing and meaningful day for both you and your guests! Have any questions or other concerns? Comment below and we will do our best to answer them!






Our Favorite Wedding Books

You are engaged! Now what? As you will soon find out planning a wedding is mixture of excitement and stress. There are so many different details and moving pieces that even the most organized brides and grooms can begin to feel overwhelmed. We listen to our audience and try to help ease that strain, so here is our round up of our favorite planning books. These books contain the essential tools to help you navigate the planning process and get you to start checking things off your list!


A Practical Wedding Planner

We heart all things Meg Keene! A Practical Wedding Planner is filled with useful tips and advice but its interactive lists and graphs that we think will really help the reader hone in on what they really want on their big day! Step one? Create your wedding mission statement! How great is that?




Stuff Every Bride Should Know

This is for the on-the-go brides and grooms! This pocket sized book is brimming with checklists, logistics, budgets. From bachelorette parties to writing your own vows, Michelle Park Lazette has you covered!


Handmade Weddings

Logistics done? Now in need of personal details to set your day apart? Calling all crafty brides and grooms! Handmade Weddings is separated into six wedding themes: Retro Homespun, Girly Romantic, Happy Graphic, Organic Minimal, Modern Classic, & Found.

We love how each project comes with a listthe materials you'll need, the budget, and how long it will take to complete. 

We see a crafty weekends in your future!


modern elegance on a colonial style estate: patrice & Chris

Patrice and Chris put together a stunning wedding on a colonial estate. We asked Patrice a few questions about what it took to create this gorgeous event.

PV: Where did you get your inspiration for your wedding?
Patrice: We drew our inspiration from a lot of different places. We spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking up other estate weddings. We also looked at wedding blogs and magazines.

PV: What area of your wedding did the bulk of your budget go to?
Patrice: Food!

PV: Was there any part of your wedding day that wasn’t worth the cost?
Patrice: We were pretty budget conscious and had a good sense from the beginning where we were willing to spend more money and where we weren't. There really wasn't anything that wasn't worth the cost.

PV: Did you hire a wedding planner? If so, how did they help?
Patrice: No, but we did hire a day-of coordinator, and she was a huge help even before the day of our wedding. She laid out our timeline and made vendor suggestions. On the day of the wedding, she made sure everything ran smoothly and exactly according to our plan. Our wedding wouldn't have been perfect if we hadn't hired her.

PV: What is your best advice for future brides and grooms on their big day?
Patrice: Build a cushion into your budget.

Photographer – Pizzuti Photography
Day of Coordination - Without A Hitch
Caterer – Capers Catering
Ceremony and reception location –Commander’s Mansion
DJ – Kevin Dottin, Sounds of Success
Makeup - Makeovers by Ligia
Transportation - Boston Bridal Bus and Rockstar Limo
Florist –Karla Cassidy Designs
Photobooth – XO Photobooth
Videographer - Lollie Videography



Inspiration came naturally for Rebecca & Chris. "My husband Chris and I knew we wanted our wedding to be held at my family's farm. It was a place where not only I grew up, but where our relationship grew as well. We spent a lot of time there together, taking in all that this beautiful property had to offer!"

It even helped them save on the decor! "Back in the day, it was a dairy farm, and is now home to the family's maple syrup operation. The barn was filled (and I mean filled) with 60+ years of antique milk bottles, jars, tools, and farm equipment."

This location is absolutely stunning! Every detailfits perfectly for this vintage/rustic look, but it took a little elbow grease, Rebecca explains. "Since this started as a blank slate, I would say majority of the budget went to "creating the venue". This was an old, cluttered and dirty barn that was still in current use! We spent the entire summer cleaning it out, repairing, fixing roads, driveways and landscaping." There were plenty of outside expenses, too. "We also rented a tent (with tables, chairs, lighting and dance floor) to provide a place for dinner and dancing. Another bulk of the budget went to food, which was appetizers for the cocktail hour, and the dinner itself. We made the desserts ourselves!"


Rebecca had a little piece of advice for future brides and grooms out there. "First of all, breathe and relax!! Come wedding day, just know that you have done all you could, and it is all going to be worth it. If something small didn't get done, don't sweat it, you will be the ONLY one who knows! But most of all, cherish every single second of that day. It goes by quickly. If you can, step away from the noise and be with each other for a few moments. Take it all in and embrace that beautiful moment with each other. You're really married now!!!

Photographer: Amy Brown Photography  //Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal  //Bouquet & Bouts : F as In Flowers  //DJ: Music Fantasy Weddings  //Officiate : A Hitching Place

Whimsical Bohemian Wedding: Francesca + Dennis

Francesca & Dennis, who met when they were 18 years old, chose a venue close to Francesca's heart, her childhood day camp Camp Massasoit at Springfield College, so she could incorporate her best memories from childhood. This August wedding captures the best elements of bohemian saturated colors and whimsical details. It all works together to create this magical day.

We asked Francesca where she got her inspiration for the wedding's style, because we are swooning over it! Francesca shares, All over the place!! Magazines, Pinterest, other weddings I've been to. At the camp they have this special spot in the woods called The Chapel of the Pines. The spot is so magical and ethereal it sparked inspiration in me and the next thing I knew the ideas were coming.

The budget talk! Paying for a wedding can be overwhelming so we asked Francesca and Dennis to give us their lessons learned during their experience. The biggest ticket item for us was the location and the food. There is never a time that you want to skimp on food. No one will have fun if they're hungry! But keep your budget in mind when you choose your venue and caterer. Have your budget worked out before you start the planning process, this way you know your budget for each part of the wedding. Things will be adjusted but at least you will be able to have a starting point that you are comfortable with.

The Botaniste captured Francesca's vision in this STUNNING, textural bouquet.

Francesca offers up advice to future brides and grooms. Enjoy the process. Start early so you get to have everything you want. It will give you a chance to shop around and save money. Most importantly, don't stress too much. The day is going to go so fast you won't even notice half the stuff you spent so much time worrying about- and your guests won't either! I wish I could go back and do it all over again.

Look at those favors! Details like this make an event but details mean work. Francesca and Dennis tell us about their decision to hire a wedding planner. We decided to hire a planners to help us through the process and it was the best decision we made. Our planner was our rock. She helped us from start to finish. From budget planning to site visits and rentals to decor and more importantly- execution of the decor- which is harder than one may think. She was my "day of" coordinator as well, which I think is necessary regardless of whether you decide to have a wedding planner or not. Otherwise, your friends and family are stressed trying to help get all the last minute stuff done rather than enjoying the day getting ready and being in the moment.

These pictures are amazing! Lydia Leclair of Lydia Leclair Photography captured every single detail of this amazing wedding. Even the dreamy night sky!



photography: Lydia Leclair Photography // wedding design: the bride and groom // venue: Camp Massasoit at Springfield College // dress: Daniel Faucher Couture // florals: The Botaniste // rentals: TJ's Taylor Rental // DJ: Chris Hamel Productions // catering: Springfield College Catering // cake: Cerrato's Bakery

Rustic Meets Glamour in a Winter Wonderland: Erin + Chase

Erin & Chase drew inspiration for their wedding from their life on their dairy farm in Salisbury, Vermont. Erin explains, My inspiration came from Chase and my lifestyle. We own a large dairy farm and I wanted to incorporate the country and rustic feel to the wedding. We knew we wanted a winter wedding due to it being a slow time for work for Chase. We played off of the winter theme as well, with lots of cozy ideas to warm up the space.

Carr's Florist captured the perfect balance of winter whites mixed with beautiful pops of blues and purple.  

A perfect match! Solos Salon created elegant mix of curls and braids and Paige Carrara of Mountain Top Spa gave the bridal party rose kissed cheeks, fresh dewy skin with a little pop of color on the lips. 

Elysa of Ever After Photography beautifully captures this touching moment.

What a location! This winter wonderland is breathtaking. Erin talked to us about budget, The bulk of the budget went to the venue itself. We loved the Mountain Top Inn because it's so beautiful and it was like a one stop shop for us. You could decorate it as much or as little as you wanted because it was a gorgeous location. Take note brides! Picking a location that you are in love with can help you save on the decor expenses, just like Erin, find a venue whose esthetic aligns with your vision for your big day.

ErinAndChase-Group2 (74).jpg

We asked Erin for her best advice for future brides and grooms on their big day. And she couldn't have said it better, To stop and enjoy the moment, it goes very fast. We spend so much time thinking about the little details and at the end of the day remember the only thing that matters is that you are marrying your best friend.



photography: Ever After Photography // DJ/Entertainment: Peak Entertainment // Makeup: Paige Carrara at Mountain Top Spa // Florals: Carr's Florist // Bridal gown: Essence of Australia gown from Lily Saratoga // Hair: Solos Salon // Venue: Mountain Top Inn