Earth Day! Earth Friendly Products

Happy Earth Day! We all love our beauty products, but it’s no secret that a lot of them are filled with unwanted toxins. However, that does not mean we need to boycott makeup or moisturizers! In honor of Earth Day and the love for our planet, we have scoped out several beauty products that are all natural and safe for our skin! 


Go green all while keeping those eye lashes fabulous! This 100% natural mascara not only makes your eyelashes longer and fuller, but it also conditions your eyelashes to strengthen them! 

Keep your skin fresh and bright with Burt’s Bees face wash! With daisy extract and sugar cane, this face wash is guaranteed to exfoliate and keep your skin glowing all while using all natural ingredients.

We love bold lip colors for spring just as much as you, so why not try a vegan-friendly product? These lip crayons are cruelty-free and will keep your pout looking fresh all day! 

How to Pick the Right Color Palette for Your Skin Tone

Picking out what to wear may be the hardest part of your day, especially trying to decide what colors to wear. You may not realize this, but just like matching your makeup to your skin tone, your skin tone plays a large role in which colors compliment you the most; therefore, we have made you a go-to guide on what colors to lean towards based on the tone of your skin! 

If your skin tone is warm and has a golden undertone and olive complexion…

Oranges, Golden Yellows, Ambers, and Reds

Olive, Turquoise, Magenta, Orchid 

Taupe, Creamy Whites

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.39.22 PM.png

If your skin ton is cool and has a blueish undertone with fair or very dark skin…


Ruby, Bright Rose, Pinks

Bright Blue, Royal blue, Emerald, Lilac

Gray, Navy, Winter White 

Hot Spring Lip Colors

What better way to welcome the new spring season than with new, fun lip colors?! It’s time to put away the dark shades until next winter and embrace the bright lips: Spring 2017 is all about color! Take a chance and try out some bold colors, such as bright pinks, corals, and even orange. If you typically lean towards a subtler shade, try a rose lipstick that will still leave you feeling and looking fabulous! 

Another way to wear your pout this season is with the addition of glitter! Make glitter your signature color, whether you want to rock the glitter top-coat over your favorite lipstick or even on your bare lips! 

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What's Your Signature Scent?

In honor of National Fragrance Day (March 21st!), what better way to celebrate than to find out what your signature scent is? From scents that bring back fond memories, to scents that make you feel confident and sexy, there is a scent out there for everyone! Scents range from fresh and floral to warm and earthy fragrances, and with so many available scents, it is sometimes hard to choose which one you like best. 

Imagine the aroma of fresh cut flowers and being surrounded by feminine and sweet scents. Choosing one of the floral fragrances will leave you feeling flirtatious and will have you smelling fresh throughout the entire day!

One of the top favorite floral scents is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, it’s a must have!

Think leather couches, cedar tables, and wood fires. With woody scents in mind, bask yourself in the sexy and sensual aromas such as cinnamon, jasmine, and honey. Sahara Noir by Tom Ford captures the woody scents, leaving you feeling warm and cozy. For a lighter, less musky scent, try Romance by Ralph Lauren or Sensuous by Esteé Lauder.

Picture yourself in the middle of summer enjoying a tall cocktail garnished with fresh fruit. Fruity fragrances will give you that crisp, summer day feeling all while leaving you smelling fresh and clean! A fan favorite is Apple Splash by Marc Jacobs, which includes floral notes all while highlighting that fresh and citrus-y scent.

How to Contour

Contouring and highlighting your face are tasks that every girl wishes to master. Although we are not all equipped with a glam squad to flawlessly apply our makeup like Kim Kardashian, we have found an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to get those cheekbones chiseled and those eyes bright with just a few simple steps using different shades of your favorite foundation! All you will need are three different shades of foundation: your skin tone, one that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone, and one that is one or two shades lighter. 

1. Prepare your skin and apply your normal skin shade foundation as you typically would.

2. Use the darker foundation and start “tracing” your face: your temples near your hairline, the hollows of your cheekbones, and your jaw line. For a starter tutorial, it is easy to make a giant “3” on each side of your face, with the top of the “3” tracing your temple, the middle your cheek, and the bottom your jaw. 

3. Use the lighter foundation to highlight underneath your eyes, the bridge of your nose, forehead and chin.

4. Blend the created lines smoothly with a makeup sponge or beauty blender. 

5. To finish, lightly apply loose powder on the entire face.

Tada! You now have that flawless facial structure and glow without needing that glamor squad! Go out, try different shades, and happy contouring! 

How to Find a Perfect Foundation

We’ve all been there—helplessly staring at all the products the eye can see, lost in the vast land of foundations, and completely and utterly unsure of which to buy. To make decisions easier, there are a few steps to take in order to find that ultimate foundation that is just right for you!  

Understanding your skin type is a huge part in the decision process of buying foundation that’s right for your skin! If you have dry skin, try using double-duty liquid foundations that not only smooth out your skin’s surface, but also hydrates it, giving you that glow your skin so desperately craves. If you tend to have more oily skin, stick to either mineral powder foundations or oil-free liquid foundations. Powder foundations help control shine without adding any excessive dryness to your skin! 


This step might be a little more difficult, especially if you aren’t purchasing from a department store that allows you to sample different foundations and shades. One helpful tip is to choose 2-3 shades that look similar to your skin tone, and try to hold them up to your face in an available mirror with natural lighting. As the seasons change, you may need to buy different shades depending on if your skin tends to darken in the summer and lighten in the winter. 

Now that you’ve determined your skin type and shade, you need to know how to properly apply the foundation! To avoid the obvious makeup line around your face, try using a foam sponge to easily blend the foundation throughout your face. By doing so, the makeup appears more natural to the eye. To finish, lightly dust your face with some loose powder, and you're ready to go! 

Winter Skin Hacks

Colder weather in these winter months calls for some extra TLC for your skin! Dry, flaky, irritated skin is not fun to deal with, especially while dealing with low temperatures as well. To solve all of our winter skin problems, we have found some effective and inexpensive ways to give your skin the attention it deserves!

Use thicker and heavier creams and moisturizers 

Unlike ordinary lotions, creams and moisturizers include more oil than water, and are more hydrating than lotions alone. Moisturizing your skin in the cold winter months is a great way to get that hydration and glow back! Try brands such as Aveeno and Olay to get that glowing skin back without breaking the bank.

Coconut oil and Argan oil

Coconut oil is essentially the solution to all of life’s problems (not really—but we can pretend). In addition to repairing split ends and damaged hair, coconut oil is great for your skin as well! If your skin stays oily in the winter months, try a lighter oil, such as Argan oil.  You can apply the oil directly to your skin or mix it with your regular daily moisturizer!

Hydrating Skin Mask to Wear Before Bed 

After a long day, nothing is more rewarding for your skin than treating it to a deep moisturizing and hydrating mask. It is recommended to wear a mask shortly before going to bed, as your skin works throughout the night exfoliating itself. 


Exfoliating is a great way to remove dry and flaky skin! Try to use circular motions rather than a back-and-forth motion while exfoliating to reduce harsh movements on your skin, which could lead to further irritation.

Beauty: Splurge vs. Save

Photo Credit:  The Sunday Girl

Photo Credit: The Sunday Girl


We have all done it, trying to decide if we should buy expensive products from the department counter or buy cheap at our local drug store! We are here to help. We have bought tested and are here to report what we think you should splurge on and save on. Money is tight, especially when planning a wedding so we are here to save you money!

Priming your skin is the first step to having a great base for your makeup!

MAC Strobe Cream

The ultimate quick fix for the skin. Super-powered with potent botanicals; de-snoozes, de-stresses, moistens, freshens and boosts the look of dull, flat or tired-looking skin with a fully loaded vitamin zap and a mega dose of green tea. Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants. Enhances the effects of light on all skin and in all lighting conditions from sunlight to spotlight.


L'Oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer

Enlighten your complexion with a light infusing primer. Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer is a unique liquid light formula that blends seamlessly into skin to boost its liveliness and luminosity. Texture is smoothed and toned for a natural-looking complexion. Use with True Match Lumi and Magic Lumi highlighter for an added boost of luminosity. Universal shade suitable for all skin types and tones. Use it alone for a supple, dewy look, mix it with your foundation for an all over radiant finish or dab it on key areas as a highlighter.

We love both of these products. Mac Strobe Cream (retail $33.00) gives us the all over sheen and also moisturizes. Since we like our moisturizers to have SPF (say no to wrinkles!), we choose L'Oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer as it still gives us the dewy glow for half the cost!

Eyeliner is the perfect way to define your eyes. The fun part is there are so many ways to change up your eyeliner to give you a new look everyday!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner

Our #1 selling waterproof liquid liner enables you to create a variety of eye-opening effects—from thin, precise lines to thick, dramatic looks. The formula glides on with ease, dries quickly and won't smudge or run day-into-night. 

The fine marker-like tip offers precise application for everyone from novices to pros and results in beautifully defined eyes that will leave a lasting impression.

Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise Liquid Liner

Long-wearing, water and smudge-proof eye liner delivers precise definition in just one stroke. This waterproof eyeliner features an ultra-fine tip that delivers laser-sharp precision for the most defined line.

Hands down we say splurge! Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner (retail $22.00) is worth every penny! We like that it allows you to easily create lines that vary from thick to precise. We also love that it comes in a variety of fun colors to mix up your look.

Pucker up! Nothing finishes your look like what color you add to your lips!

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon

Six creamy, full-coverage shades of matte lip color in a modern crayon for truly beautiful lip color. Lightweight moisture for a comfortable, everyday wear formula infused with Shea Butter, Kendi Oil, and Jojoba Oil. It's color that truly cares for your lips!

NARS Lip Crayon

The application of a lipstick combined with the convenience of a pencil in a jumbo crayon design. Lips are instantly saturated with rich pigments and a velvety matte finish. The long lasting, non-drying formula is enriched with emollients for a creamy texture, while a combination of unique silicones ensures long-lasting, seamless color for hours. Use for lining, all-over lip color, or pairing with another lip product.

Save, Save Save! Burt's Bees lip Crayon (retail $9.00) is our pick vs. NARS Lip Crayon (retail $26.00). We love that is provides full-coverage and moisturizes our lips with Shea Butter and oils. This is a great pick for the winter season!

Holiday Updos

'Tis the season that keeps us busy but gives us reasons to dress up! We were feeling in a hair rut so we gathered our favorite hairstyles for this holiday season. From date night to your office party, we have you covered!


1. Brush hair out and part your hair down the middle.

2. Take each section and french braid the hair all the way down to the crown of your head. Tip! This can be difficult, our advice is to do this in the mirror so you can see the back of your head. Secure with an elastic at each end.

3.  Once you have both sides braided, remove each elastic. Be sure to keep a hold of each section of hair and then combine the ends into one ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Source:  Twist Me Pretty


1. We’re going to start on the left side and work our way to the right.  Take a small section of hair and secure it with an elastic, make sure it’s not too tight and that it looks how you want from the front before moving on.

2. Secure another small section right next to the first and tie it off with a clear elastic.

3. Spilt the tail of first section of hair in half.

4. Place the tail of the second section through the middle.  Secure the tail with a duck bill clip.

5. Make a third section, just like the first two, except add the tails from the first section to it.  Continue this process until you reach the other side of your head, about 5 or 6 sections. 

6. Secure it with clear elastic.

7. Tug and pull on the sections of hair to add volume to the “braid”.

8. Once you’ve reached the other side of your head, add an elastic to the top section of hair and pull the bottom section up and through it.  Continue the pull through braid down the tails of the hair.

9. Wrap the tail underneath the main horizontal braid and secure with a large roller pin or bobby pins.

10. Tug and pull on the sections of hair until it’s as big and fluffy as you’d like.  Make sure to use enough hairspray and secure any pieces with bobby pins.

For full tutorial, see Twist Me Pretty.

Source:  Luxy Hair

Source: Luxy Hair

We LOVE this look from Luxy! As they describe it "A little bit bohemian, effortless and feminine - this hairstyle is perfect for your holiday parties or any special event."

Source:  Keiko Lynn

Source: Keiko Lynn


1. Add dry shampoo if your hair needs to have texture added.

2. Then, divide your hair into two sections, like you’re doing a half-updo. Back comb underneath the top half and smooth over the top. This will give you lift in the front.

3. Pin the newly teased section (make sure the top layer is smooth, to cover the mess) with a couple (or more, if you need them) of bobby pins. You can give the bump a little boost if you want – you don’t have to just rely on the teasing.

4.  Divide the lower section into two parts and braid. Secure with small elastics. 

5. Pull each braid to the opposite side of your head. Secure with bobby pins. You can tuck the ends underneath each braid.

For full tutorial, check out Keiko Lynn.

5 Summer Essentials to Survive Wedding and Beach Season

Now that it’s summer, it seems as though we’re constantly on the move, but there’s one thing we don’t want to move: our makeup! Here are our top five essential summer products to help you maintain that perfect summer look no matter the occasion without breaking the bank!

BB or CC Cream with SPF

A great BB or CC cream is a summer must-have.  BB creams have a nice light formula so that you don’t feel weighed down while still evening and moisturizing your skin. Pick one with SPF to protect from that summer sun! Add a little extra glow by opting for a bronzed version. Our fav? Dream Bronze BB Cream by Maybelline.

Matte Primer

A solid primer is the base for that perfect no-move look. Not only will it help keep everything else in place and even, but it also works to minimize the appearance of pores and brighten your complexion! Our pick? Wet n Wild CoverAll Face Primer.


Adding a highlight into your routine can be intimidating to the make-up novice, but we promise it’s easier than you think! Especially with this MegaGlow All-In-One Highlighting Stick by Wet n Wild. The creamy formula applies like a dream!

Setting Spray

Our one splurge? Setting spray. A trustworthy setting spray makes all the difference in a lasting look. Our summer favorite is Urban Decay’s Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray, which has time release cooling features to keep you chill while keeping your makeup in place!

Waterproof Mascara

The final touch for your summer look is a great waterproof mascara. Opting for a waterproof mascara is not only a better option for days spent by the pool or at the beach, but the wax in the formula also allows for your lashes to hold a better curl for longer – who wouldn’t want that?! Our pick is Covergirl’s Super Sizer by Lashblast Waterproof Mascara.

Beauty Products that Give Back

To honor earth month, here are 5 fabulous beauty products that are doing their part to do good for the world. Whether cruelty free, vegan or support ethical practices, these products will help you feel good on the inside and out! Being an earth lover myself, I have personally tried each of these products and I can honestly say they’re all worth purchasing – and you’ll feel good about doing it too!

 Josie Maran 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil

Image courtesy of:  Makeup Maestra

Image courtesy of: Makeup Maestra

This has remained one of my favorite products from the first day I tried it! Lightweight, easily absorbed and all natural, Josie Maran’s argan oil is a luxurious way to moisturize your hair, skin and nails – and a little goes a long way! This product supports all-female co-ops in Morocco. Every ounce purchased provides these women with a steady income, in turn keeping the Moroccan forests a safe place.

The Wet Brush Earth Collection


The famous “Wet Brush” has gotten even better! Not only does this specially designed brush detangle your hair effortlessly, but now a portion of proceeds will go to the charity named Water, a non profit organization that provides clean water to those in need.

Image courtesy of:  The Wet Brush

Image courtesy of: The Wet Brush

Brazened Honey LUSH Face Mask

Image courtesy of:  Lush

Image courtesy of: Lush


This is honestly one of the best face masks I have ever tried, and it smells amazing!!! It’s super moisturizing as it cleanses your skin. All LUSH products are fresh, handmade, and fight against animal testing so you can have a clean face and a clear conscience.

BareMinerals Matte Powder Foundation


Dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic, BareMinerals foundation has remained a staple of my makeup collection for years. This lightweight mineral makeup is buildable to full coverage, staying velvet soft the whole day through. BareMinerals does not test any of their products on animals, nor work with any manufacturers that use animal testing, to protect our furry friends!

Image courtesy of:  BareMinerals

Image courtesy of: BareMinerals

 Güd Body Lotion in Pearanormal Activity from Burt’s Bees

Image courtesy of:  gud

Image courtesy of: gud



Natural, not tested on animals, no parabens, no petrochemicals, and made with 25% post-consumer packaging, this is a product I can feel good about buying. This body lotion smells absolutely incredible with the fruity notes of pear and açaí berry. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling so ridiculously good! I could rave about this product all day!


If none of these products look especially interesting you, try checking out the Body Shop!

Images courtesy of:  The Body Shop

Images courtesy of: The Body Shop


Super affordable, natural and decadently scented, their entire line of products is dedicated to providing social and environmental change. Since founding the company in 1976, the brand has provided funds for several human rights campaigns. How’s that for a product that gives back?

7 Steps to Glam Braids: Brush. Salon Exclusive Look

Brush. Salon Exclusive Look

What you'll need:

Fine-Toothed Comb

Rat tail Comb

Milk Shake Shaping Foam

Milkshake Open Air Hairspray

Bobby Pins

Small, Clear Elastics

step 1-

Starting with clean hair, evenly distribute mouse and blow dry completely. Section at the back of the head and behind the ears. Begin curling horizontally at the nape of the neck, spritzing each section with a flexible hairspray.

step 2-

While curling the hair, make sure to keep each section flat against the curling iron. Unlike a curling wand, a curling iron will give you the advantage of allowing you to evenly set perfect ringlet curls with the help of the metal clamp.

step 3-

Once the entire head has been curled, brush with a comb to soften the curls and create added texture. Tease the crown of the head to add volume.

step 4-

Divide the hair into 4 sections: 3 sections at the back of the head and 1 section framing your face.

step 5-

Dutch braid the section framing your face, lightly tugging on the strands to bump-up the volume. Continue braiding the other 3 sections at the back of the head regularly.

step 6-

Starting with the braid that frames your face, pin the braid with a bobby pin at the nape of the neck. Overlap the other three braids to create a bun, securing the look with several bobby pins. Tuck any loose hairs or strands with extra bobby pins to create a finished look.

step 7-

To create extra volume and finalize the look, lightly tug the section you teased earlier at the crown of the head, sliding the hair upwards with your fingers and a rat tail comb. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

A gorgeous up-do that will withstand anything from windy outdoor weather, to hours of dancing! Pair this style with a bold brow and a berry lip for a glamorous springtime look!

Style Trend: Tousled & Textured

Image courtesy of:  Blog Lovin'

Image courtesy of: Blog Lovin'

Image courtesy of:  Curlyhairbeautiful

Image courtesy of: Curlyhairbeautiful

Image courtesy of:  Blog Lovin'

Image courtesy of: Blog Lovin'

Hair with serious volume and texture is a must this season.

Image courtesy of:  Top Hair

Image courtesy of: Top Hair

Image courtesy of:  Vogue

Image courtesy of: Vogue

Image courtesy of:  bellaMUMMA

Image courtesy of: bellaMUMMA

Bump-up your natural coarseness with a texturizing spray and a teasing comb. 

Image courtesy of:  Robolikes

Image courtesy of: Robolikes

Image courtesy of:  Corinna B's World

Image courtesy of: Corinna B's World

Image courtesy of:  Style Caster

Image courtesy of: Style Caster

Have naturally straight hair? Create a texture base with a curling iron.

Images courtesy of:  Momtastic

Images courtesy of: Momtastic

Click on the link for step by step instructions!

Makeup brush care

Why clean your brushes?

Old makeup, facial oils, bacteria and dead skin cells get trapped in your brush, causing uneven coverage and even acne!


  • Dish soap
  • Warm water
  • 2 washcloths or dish towels

Step 1 – Always keeping the brush with the bristles facing down, run the head of the brush under warm water, loosening the dirt and oil in the bristles.

Step 2 – Apply a pea sized amount of dish soap in the palm of your hand and lightly scrub the head of the brush in your palm. Continuously make circular motions with the brush in the palm of your hand until all of the dirt, oil and dead skin cells are removed form your brush.

Step 3 – Again, keeping the bristles facing down, thoroughly wash away all the soap. Squeeze the head of the brush to make sure there is no residue left within the bristles. Now you’re left with a squeaky clean makeup brush!

Step 4 – Let the brushes dry overnight. Lay 1 towel flat, and roll the other towel up to prop up the handles of the brushes while drying. If you let the brushes dry overnight laying flat, or with the bristles pointing up, you risk loosening the glue within the brush head that keep the bristles in place.

Guide to Brown Shaping

Image courtesy of:  Harper's Bazaar

Image courtesy of: Harper's Bazaar


Eyebrow Shaping – How It’s Done

I’ve always lived by this rule: have good eyebrows and anyone will take your seriously. Here are some great tips to help you get those sexy eyebrows you’ve always dreamt of!


Use tweezers that have a straight, flat edge, and avoid tweezers with a point. Do yourself a favor and skip the at-home waxing kits – I’ve learned the hard way… trust me.

Embrace Your Shape!

Take a good look at your own pair of brows - Do they have a high or low arch?  Are they thick or thin? Is one higher than the other? This is a crucial step because your eyebrow shape is specific to your face. Embrace your shape!

Images courtesy of: Birch Box

Images courtesy of: Kouture Kiss

Images courtesy of:Kouture Kiss

Beginning and End

If you’re a beginner try using a white eyeliner pencil to map out the shape you’re aiming for by outlining the brow in your desired shape.

Map it out

An easy way to tell where your eyebrow should begin is to line up a pencil from the outer edge of your nostril, to the inner corner of your eye. Wherever the pencil touches your eyebrow is where your eyebrow should begin. Same goes for finding where your eyebrow should end – just line up the pencil with the outer corner of your eye instead.

find your arch

You can also use the pencil technique to find where the arch of your eyebrow should be. Line up the pencil from your nostril, through the pupil of the eye when you’re looking straight. Your eyebrow should arch where the pencil reaches the brow.

eyebrow razors

Single blade facial razors work magically to erase any leftover hairs you couldn’t get with your tweezers. Holding the skin taught as if you were plucking, lightly skim the razor over your brow bone at a 45-degree angle toward the beginning of the brow. Be very careful and take your time! Contrary to belief, the hair will not grow back in any thicker than if you were plucking, but it will grow back quicker. You can find these little razors at most drugstores.

trim long hairs

This technique can be used to thin out bulky eyebrows. Simply use an eyebrow brush to fan hairs upward. Any hairs that are visibly longer than the majority should be trimmed with eyebrow sheers.

Image courtesy of:  Michelle Bouse

Image courtesy of: Michelle Bouse

fill your shape

Use a brow pencil 1 to 2 shades darker than your hair color. Lightly fill in your eyebrows to define your wanted shape. The key is to work lightly, making it look natural. You don’t want it to look like you used a sharpie! After trying many different types of eyebrow pencils and powders I’ve found that Anastasia’s eyebrow pencil works magically!

Image courtesy of:  Teen

Image courtesy of: Teen

over plucking

If you’ve gone a little overboard while tweezing, don’t worry! Do your best to avoid plucking your brows for 1 to 2 weeks to let them grow back. Use a brow pencil to define your shape during the regrowth process. Be patient, once your brows have begun to grow back, you can use the pencil to manipulate your shape until they reach brow perfection!

sisters, not twins

Remember, your eyebrows should be SISTERS, not TWINS! Everyone’s eyebrows are different and it’s okay for your left and right eyebrow to vary from one another –  that’s the beauty of those eyebrows being yours!